Is It Legal To Use Fake Notes

You have probably heard a lot about fake medical notes. On many occasions, you could have even thought about using such notes. However, the fear of the consequences made you think again. You might probably be wondering does the law permit citizens to use fake medical notes to take an off from school or office?

Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer to this question. In most cases, the law says nothing against the use of fake doctors notes. While some people may see this as a sign of approval, you should think carefully before you use a fake note. Although you might not face any legal issues, you could still face lot of troubles if you are caught in the act.

You may face severe consequences if you are caught using fake notes to take unjustified leaves. If you are a student, your class professor may fail you. Even worse, your school/college may suspend you for a few days. The consequences are arguably worse for working professionals. Several organizations have a strict policy about absenteeism. Employees who want to take an off from work must be able to produce a valid medical certificate. If an employee is caught using a fake medical certificate, the company may terminate his or her employment.

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