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Beautiful Pool Fencing That Is Also Affordable

There are several products available that make adequate swimming pool fencing and meet Australian standards for safety. Most people naturally think of metal or wood fences but there are also vinyl fences and glass pool fences. Currently, glass pool fences are the product of choice for most pool owners and new, lower pricing is making it possible for more and more pools to benefit from the beauty of glass.

Although glass may not seem like a good material for fencing, the safety glass used by the most reputable installers has proven to be extremely strong, durable and long lasting. These glass pool fences dont rust or rot like metal or wood fences and dont need frequent, expensive maintenance. Plain water and a cloth are the only equipment needed to maintain the beauty of a glass pool fence.

These same top installers use marine grade stainless steel hardware that is designed for exposure to the elements. An electro finish supplies added corrosion resistance and also provides an opportunity for the addition of colour and texture for decorative appeal. The highest quality self-closing gates complete the fence and ensure that unsupervised children or pets cannot get into the pool.

Glass is also a great choice for the ability to design many different styles of fences. The glass panels can be fully framed, partially framed or not framed at all. This means that the fencing can be a design focal point for the property or it can subtly blend into the overall plan. Each choice provides the same degree of security because of the precise installation techniques that have been developed by dedicated installers. The panels can also have a design etched into the glass or they can be tinted or frosted with the stainless steel to match.

Local Sydney area glass pool fencing specialists now provide affordable glass pool fences with a 100% satisfaction guarantee so everyone can choose the most beautiful, longest lasting pool fencing available.

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