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Cost Effective Decorating Tips For Landlords

Most landlords are keenly aware of the fact that the right decor choices make a flat much easier to rent out at higher rental prices. If you are redecorating a property with a view of putting it out for rent, consider the following cost effective remodelling tips for landlords.

Low Maintenance Surfaces
While luxury flats may require expensive flooring and kitchen countertop materials, you may find out too late that the average renter doesn’t like that sort of features too much. They worry about their deposit, and what would happen to it if the beautiful hardwood flooring you installed gets a noticeable scratch. Unless you know the rental price is going to be high enough to pay for it, it’s often better to invest in good quality but more affordable flooring choices, such as vinyl flooring that looks like hardwood or laminate flooring. Just make sure to include a provision on your business plan to replace the floors every few years so the property still looks its best.

Recycled Furniture
Using recycled or upcycled furniture instead of brand new but low quality items can attract the sort of tenants for whom IKEA furniture is just too bland and boring. With the right treatments, nobody will think that you got those vintage coffee tables at a discount from EBay. You can get great deals on antique and vintage furniture from EBay, or find hidden jewels on car sales. Just make sure to repair and clean them so they look their best, and choose neutral colours that fit the property you are renting out and the potential tenant’s own furniture.

Paint Colours
If you need to choose a new color scheme for the property, is important to keep in mind that neutral colours often work best, particularly if you are renting the property unfurnished. While you may love that turquoise kitchen wall, it may turn some potential tenants off or clash horribly with their own furniture. Choose stain resistant paints and make sure to do a proper job of painting the walls to avoid the paint peeling off after a few months.

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