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Outdoor Fire Pit Accessories

Fire pit

Fire pit (Photo credit: Ko:(char *)hook)

On building or purchasing a fire pit it is sometimes easy to overlook the accessories that you are likely to need to make full use of or maintain the fire pit.

Fire pit cover To prevent long periods of exposure to rain, frost snow and sun it is advisable to place some type of cover over it. Any durable and water proof material will suffice and there are many pre-packaged options available.

Safety Screen Maybe you have an open-topped fire pit but now want to add a safety screen. These are available in a range of materials, sizes and style. A range of hard covers are also available if a mesh cover is not to your liking.

Fire pit enclosure You have a fire pit installed but now you want to have a raised, decorative surround. This is available in the form of fire pit enclosures that are typically constructed with a circular center but the outer faade shape is available in a number of styles.

Artificial log sets Over time your original logs on your gas fuelled fire pit may show signs of wear and tear but this is no problem and can be replaced with either woodland or campfire style logs in a wide range of sizes.

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