How To Get Nuketown Zombies Juggernog In Black Ops 2

In the past few weeks many black ops 2 zombies players have been asking a particularly interesting question about how to get new town zombies Juggernog. In order to get nuketown zombies Juggernog, youll need to have it spawn randomly on the map. Many people who have played previous versions of black ops 2 zombies are used to having the perks spawn in one location, but nuketown is a little bit different.

Many blogs all around on the Internet have discussed how the perks spawn in black ops 2 nuketown zombies. Some people have determined that the population board in the center of the map may determine when nuketown zombies juggernog spawns. However, there is no hard proof that this is an actual fact. So for now many gamers will be browsing the Internet trying to figure out exactly how to get juggernog in nuketown zombies. While no one can figure out exactly how to get Juggernog in black ops 2 zombies nuketown, almost everyone agrees that Juggernog is essential to long-term survival. Without this perk you will only take one hit from a zombie to get down, which will make it very easy to lose in early on rounds. In order to make it advanced rounds, nuketown zombies Juggernog will be required.

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