What Is Search Engine Optimization

I recently attended this conference that served as a gathering of the cream of the crop of writers offering a Sales Letter Writing Service. There were several international speakers who talked about their field of expertise and how to come up with articles like those in . It was actually very informative and full of great tips and tricks in order to develop the participants’ search engine optimization know-how.

Search engine optimization had been a term I heard being thrown around quite frequently when I first started as a freelance writer trying to get part-time income writing blogs and articles online. At that time, whenever an employer seeking applicants for an article writing job said something along the lines of SEO-specific or something like that, all I could think of was, “What the heck is SEO?”

At some point, I got so frustrated with seeing the term online, I just had to find out what it was and why it’s so important. I did a quick online search and found very informative articles online shared by very helpful experts in the said subject matter. I began to understand why it was so important when it came to marketing and advertising a website. With all the websites popping up in the internet, there had to be a way for us to optimize our sites’ content in order for online searches to sniff the site out and reflect it when certain keywords are searched by people all over the world. A site’s success is measured in page views or page hits. The more visitors a site gets, the better. If no one is looking at your site, what’s the point of keeping it in the internet? If you want to increase site traffic, SEO is a must.

And that is why the demand for SEO experts has continued to increase over the past couple of years.

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