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How To Find An IPod Docking Station For Your IPad

Sales of iPads have really taken off last year. Now Apple has already launched several generations of iPads. A lot of manufacturers are trying to imitate the iPad by launching similar tablet PCs. Those competitive tablets usually run Windows instead of Apple’s proprietary operating system. The iPad runs on batteries and needs recharging. Docking stations are a convenient way to charge an iPad because there is no ugly cable that has to be plugged in. In this post I will offer some advice for finding a suitable dock for your iPad.

Docking stations are nothing new. IPod and iPhone owners have long used these docks in order to stream audio from their portable devices and also to keep them charged. Back then most manufacturers didn’t realize that Apple would launch a tablet PC that also has the well-known docking connector. Therefore most of today’s docks won’t accept the iPad due to the ipads large size. There are some ipod docking stations for iPads on the market though. Their main difference compared to other iPod docks is that the docking connector extrudes out from a flat surface. This allows plugging in the iPad. The cradles of most other docks are not wide enough to accept the iPad and also easily fall over due to the iPad’s weight.

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