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Does Hosted IVR Pricing Change Your Business Prospects?

The ivr hosting technology allows interaction between customers and the business institution in the form of voice commands or keypads. The system applies automated telephony technology to bolster interaction with clients. Most IVR systems are used for KPO, BPO, and banking institutions. However, there also exist simpler IVR systems for office and in-house usage which help businesses to save lots of resources.

IVR systems are invaluable in helping customers to get answers to frequently asked questions. The questions include customer inquiry of bank balances, locations, store hour checks, and ordering of items. The IVR systems help to save lots of money from funds, salaries and perks by using efficient computer call centers.

The IVR systems are designed to give immediate “yes” or “no” answers to clients in reply to their questions. There are other possible forms of answers that IVR systems give and all are usually coded in terms of recorded human voices. The IVR systems may also pose questions and directions to customers according to the customer’s query and the client may be required to reply by pressing numbers on the keypads of the phone such as 1, 2, 3 or 4. There are also IVR systems that can reply to promptings by human voices when customers say “yes”, “no” and “return”. Initially, IVR systems were majorly in-house. However, outsourcing IVR solutions are now available.

Hosted IVR pricing is fairly within the reach of most of the businesses. Nonetheless, the hosting will require sizable investments and you must carefully make cost considerations before buying the systems. A number of IVR systems are today available for free trial and you can start with them, know the extent of need in your business, and plan adequately for buying the system.

One might conclude that such systems have very little impact on existing business prospects. After all, one’s target audience is typically identified very early on in the business planning phase. However, there’s no denying the fact that businesses are entering into a new era of technology. This landscape may be new to business owners, but not to consumers. We may in fact be looking at a new way of doing business all together. And in the ivr vocabulary, one that’s lead more by the consumer and not the savvy entrepreneur.

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