The Many Styles of Ladies Diamond Watches

Citizen watches first came to the people’s attention in 1924.Citizen watches changed all that by creating a new brand that was light and thin on the wrist as well as having the additional advantage of looking great. And what a success they were.For more information visit to website or simply visit to

In a few years they became one of the largest selling watches in history and continue to sell well today.

The reason a niche has been achieved such by them in the market is due to their quality. A quality that has never declined, despite the ever growing competition and the temptation to appeal to a broader market.
econdly they are one of those rare companies that are not afraid to take risks. In a world where important co-operations continue to regurgitate the same old thing, Citizen is intent on reinventing the marketplace. They simply will not sit on their laurels, taking the significance of the word citizen to the extreme.

When Citizen first got going in 1930 there aim appeared to be the first watch business to do everything. They wanted to wipe out the competitive by being imaginative. It was shock resistance that was first introduced by the Citizen to their watches. Up to then watches were readily broken and unless they could afford to replace or repair them as cash was earned by a result few people paid out their hard. An image of people in expensive suits pulling a pocket watch out of their breast pocket is what springs to mind. Citizen managed to bring watches to the poorer classes by making them more permanent.

Later on Citizen made the first professional diving watch. This watch was not only waterproof but featured an electronic depth sensor. Today this is seen on many brands of watches yet it was Citizen who first set them into the market place.

The Many Styles of Ladies Diamond Watches by
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