Getting The Perfect Template

The fake medical excuse slip is not very hard to replicate these days. What is important is not to download and print it, but to ensure that it looks absolutely authentic. You can search the Internet for fake doctor’s note templates. When you have chosen a doctors note template, you should ensure that it has a doctor’s signature on it. When this feature is missing in a template, you may have to get someone to do it. You should ideally choose someone having a sloppy handwriting to do the job for you. It is never a good idea to sign the note using your own handwriting because today’s modern handwriting analysis techniques can back trace the writing.

Once the signature has been taken care of, you are expected to ensure that the note appears official from every angle. It should ideally bear a logo, a memorabilia belonging to the company. The note must appear to be pristine and well-crafted, which reflects the work of any reputed clinic or hospital. The numbers given on the form should be genuine, in case the authorities want to verify them. You could even install answering machines on numbers provided and record messages resembling a secretary’s message for incoming customer calls. You may also leave the phone in question off the hook, making it appear as if the line was busy.

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