Be The Awesome Tank In World Of Warcraft

When you play the World of Warcraft dungeons, the tank will play the role of both group leader and the meat shield. And the reward for this responsibility comes in the form of an instant queen time in the World of Warcrart Dungeon Finder; however an equally valuable reward is the job well done. There will be some useful ways to be an awesome tank in World of Warcraft.

You should wait for mana. Before pulling mobs, you should give your healer a chance to recover their mana. And if you pull mobs when the healer is out of mana, then it will end up with a dead and angry group. You should not pull mobs until the healer has healed everyone to the full health. So you should wait for heals. You should announce your pulls. You can use a macro or an ability to make it clear that you are pulling. And doing this is quite easy as casting Horn of Winter or yelling Charge. Also, you should keep mobs off your group. You can use your taunt ability to pick up loose mobs that are attacking the DPS and the healer. And you should pay particular attention on the healer.

And you should mark if it is needed. Sure that you should not mark all mobs, and a good tank will mark the CC and kill order when it is helpful to do so. You should work with crowd control. You can let the DPS cast their crowd control spells before you pull, and then pick up the left mobs. You should always remember that asking for advice can work. Sometimes you may not be familiar with the boss fight. And when you are in this kind of situation, it is a better way to ask for a quick refresher and it may bring you some bonuses. Going in unprepared will be avoided.

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