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What Happens When The Garbage Is Gone?

Important consideration when it comes to incineration is whether the facility captures the heat. When anything is burned, it produces energy in the form of heat. If this heat isn’t captured, then it is wasted. If the facility is properly planned, this heat energy can be harnessed to heat buildings or produce electricity. Ask whether your trash becomes part of the solution in this manner. If it’s not part of the solution, then it’s part of the problem.

If your garbage removal service takes your trash to a landfill, there is another set of questions that you need to ask. You need to find out about how this landfill affects the environment. Despite popular perception to the contrary, there’s nothing inherently wrong with a landfill. After all, most of the items you place there came out of the ground in the first place, in one way or another! But a landfill needs to be operated properly. The owner of the landfill needs to be concerned about the aesthetics for those who live and work near the landfill. It’s possible to use a landfill in such a way that the land becomes valuable after the landfill is full. For example, there are some beautiful golf courses built atop old landfills. The landfill operator also needs to be concerned about how the landfill affects the ground water. If the landfill is improperly designed, it will cause run off which can contaminate the drinking water of millions of people.

If you are prepared to ask these questions about your garbage removal service, you will be able to make smart choices when it comes to the environment.

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