Black Ops 2 Zombies Offers New Challenges And Fun For All

As with any game, communication is critical when it comes to surviving many rounds in Black Ops 2 zombies. If teammates are unable to communicate with each other no one will be on the same page and the game may turn into chaos.

As in previous call of duty Black Ops zombie games, the mystery box relocates. If you havent seen it by now theres no doubt that you will. When the mystery box gives you a teddy bear instead of a gun this means that you get your money refunded and the mystery box will move to the new location randomly. The way to find where the mystery box has been relocated to has traditionally been to look up in the sky for a bright green light. The light in the sky typically is a shape that resembles a cylinder and has a green tint. On average it takes about 5 to 10 draws from the mystery box until the teddy bear pops up in the box is relocated.

In the case that youre downed in call of duty Black Ops 2 you get roughly 30 seconds to be revived. If a teammate does not revive you with in this window your zombie character will die and lose all of his weapons. In the case that youre Black Ops 2 character is downed in zombies you will lose any of the purchased perks you have acquired.

Each perk can be purchased again but this can be extremely expensive. It is best to keep your character in good health and to not get knocked down by zombies in order to make it to high rounds. Every since the second map ever created for call of duty zombies there have been perks available to purchase. The perks that are available to purchase are typically juggernaut, speed cola, quick revive, and double tap. Some maps have seen other perks such as Flopper PHD. More can be learned about the perks in Call of Duty if you click here.

Boarding up windows in Black Ops 2 zombies is important not just for keeping zombies out, but also for building points. Saving up an abundant amount of points in Black Ops 2 zombies early on in the game will be very beneficial for later rounds when bigger guns are necessary for survival.

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