Role Of Technology In Car Designs

The idea of automobile is dated as back as 4000 years ago in India. Indians followed rudimentary ways in the development of their early vehicles. However, the first automobile wheel was developed from this geographical zone. Some other countries such as Portugal and China started developing better wheels in the 15th century which followed the same procedures as Indian wheel. However, in the turn of nineteenth and twentieth century, advanced engines were produced which offered easy locomotion. Modern cars with sophisticated electronic devices are now produced in the twenty first centuries. This has turned around the world just in an interlude of two decades. The twenty first century technological development led to the addition of amazing electronic component to modern cars. The gears, speedometers and engines are now made electronic. Some of these electronic components added to modern cars are designed through electronic projects by engineers.

Some cars are controlled by electronic remotes and sensors. The owners of these cars control them even from distant locations. Spy mobiles can also be installed in cars in order to monitor every malicious activity occurring in the absence of the owner.

Electronics have indeed made the world a safe and secure place. Some devices built into automobiles help in minimizing car accidents. Truly, the world has been revolutionized by electronics and technological advancements.

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