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Benefits And Advantages Of VOIP For Business

VOIP is a buzz word in modern communications and appears to offer a technology that will replace the traditional telephone systems that incredibly have been in use in a similar format since the days of the Morse code telegraph. This sounds good but what are the advantages of VOIP for business?

VOIP is easy to set up and use; with a straight forward configuration and a simple traditional telephone dial pad meaning you are up and running in minutes with no learning curve or new interface for users to acclimatise to. The system will, to users, appear to operate like a traditional telephone system.

VOIP is very cost effective; because of the way in which providers of VOIP business systems bulk buy internet time and then use that time and the internet to connect your call and transfer the information. In network or ‘in house’ calls are actually free; with a VOIP system it is possible to call your colleagues using the same network free of charge.

Advanced Features; you can monitor how your workforce uses your telecoms system. See numbers and call duration. Features such as DID or direct inward dial which provides an inbound only number for your system that can be attached to any number in your network. A call hunt group, a clever facility that calls a pre defined set of numbers on your network until one answers the call. Voice mail view is another advanced feature of VOIP for business use and allows you to review your voicemails in a reading pane in the same way you would view e-mails.

And of course there is a high level of accessibility, simply connect your laptop, smart phone, tablet or a soft-phone to the internet and you can make reduced cost calls from your VOIP system utilizing the same technology as if you were in the office.

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