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Has iPod’s Lightning Protocol Been Hacked?

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By now you probably have heard that Apple has introduced a new type of docking connector which it uses for the latest generation of iPods and the iPhone. This connector has a lot fewer connections than the previous 30-pin connector which can be found in most iPod docks.

This new connector is called lightning connector. If you own an iPod dock then you won’t be able to connect the new-generation iPod into the dock. Apple is offering converter cables and modules that can be plugged into the 30-pin jack of the dock and offer a lightning jack on the other end which connects to a new-generation Apple device.

This new protocol is supposed to provide more security and most likely limit the development of Apple accessories which don’t have Apple’s stamp of approval. However, in the last few weeks there has been a flood of gray-market connectors showing up on different websites. You can check this link for more information.

As such it appears that the Apple protocol has already been hacked even before Apple has starting to offer any accessories for its new devices on its own. This no doubt will open the flood gate for Asian device makers to come up with cheap Apple accessories.

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