Student Loan Consolidation

If you are planning to continue studying to help enhance the potential of your career then you should consider getting a Sallie Mae Career Training Loan. They will allow you to borrow a minimum of $1000 or up to the total amount you need for your education.

This would include your tuition, school fees, books, and computer as well as living expenses. This Career Training Loan is a private credit-based student loan for a persons technical training and other some such continuing education programs.

To qualify for this loan you must be a US citizen or a permanent resident and already have an established credit history. The institution that you would be taking classes in should also be licensed as well as accredited by the Department of Education in the State where they do their business.

The features of this type of loan include; has interest rates that reward good credit, repayment terms are up to 15 years, even if you have a history of bad credit you can still be qualified to apply if you do it with a co-signer, you can borrow for tuition and other education related expenses, you get combined billing for all your Sallie Mae Loans, trustworthy creditors can request a co-signer release after the first 24 consecutive payments of principal and interest and there are no pre-payment penalties.

So if you really want to continue with studying to learn more or improve your skills, a Sallie Mae Career Training Loan might just be the thing to help you out with this endeavor.

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