Fun Dog Stuff For The Larger Dog

Sometimes it seems that that pet world is devoted to only one size dog, small. They have the most variety available when it comes to dog stuff that is really cool, from clothing to toys. They even have the coolest beds, because most small dogs are not crate trained. Large dogs, on the other hand, generally have a limited range of items made just for them, starting with the crates. Clothing, if it exists, is pretty utility in style, and most owners just make them outfits from their own clothes. Life can be pretty boring when you are big, and pretty sweet when you are small.

With the right amount of ingenuity and imagination, you can make it a pretty sweet world for your larger breed dog. There is dog stuff out there that is designed for the larger breeds, you just have to look for them. For example, when one sporting outfitter decided that pets should have their own lifejackets, he started with the larger breeds, because they were easier to fit and loved the water far more than their smaller counterparts. Dog beds are now available that are made for the larger dog, that will take them outside of the crate, and next to the fireplace or their master’s bed where they belong. Made out of microfiber cloth and memory foam, they are perfect for large dogs of any age. Harnesses are better for large breeds, and today’s harnesses light up, make noise, and are way cooler than anything you will see a little dog wearing this year.

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