How To Develop Android Applications Using Java

Mobile application development is reaching new heights with rapid growth in the usage of Android Smartphones. Apart from the regular calling and texting purposes, people prefer using their Smartphones for several web-dependant services. Some of them include accessing social networking sites, online shopping, online games and much more. Thus there is a need for developing smart and innovative mobile applications that are exclusively compatible with Android mobile phones.

Android application development has become a prime focus for students who wish to undertake interesting java projects. Developing an application for an Android mobile is easy with Java programming. The Android SDK, developed by Google is the most popular platform for developing mobile applications. The Google Android is a wholesome package that contains an exclusive operating system, applications and a middleware that communicates between the OS and applications. It is much similar to the Apple SDK developed for use on Apple iPhones. This kit can be downloaded from the Android app download website and is available in the form of a droid emulator. An Android emulator allows you to develop and test applications virtually without using a real device. Once you are done with developing an Android application, you can even incorporate the same in your Android phone to see how it works.

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