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Responsibilities Of A Good Affiliate Manager

i) An affiliate manager should have a complete control over the recruitment of affiliates. This is the basic requirement of any affiliate management system because if you do not have control over the number of affiliates joining and promoting, your affiliate program you might be soon end up in loss or some spammers or your competitor may try to break down your affiliate system and create loss in your business.

ii) So, it is advised to choose the affiliate management system wisely which provides complete control over the affiliates so that you can contact them or request an appointment at any time of day and night.

iii) You should provide general affiliate marketing support of all affiliates. You should provide support, advice and consulting for the day to day operation of the affiliate program including training and support to affiliates to improve conversions.

iv) Find and recruit high-traffic, high revenue generating affiliates and tries to handle all communications between affiliates.

v) You should motivate your affiliates from time to time. You should actively motivate affiliates to perform well. This can be done through special revenue generating promotions, contests, goal setting including special revenue-sharing deals.

vi) You should also create and distribute newsletters including price variations, specials, activations and new affiliate material to your affiliates.

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