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How To Send Large Files Without Email Attachments

Sending large files using email can create a major problem. To send a file using email, the file will first have to be uploaded to the mail server. This is the most convenient way to send a file to a friend, family member, or a co-worker, assuming that the file is a small one. Any file with a file size of more than 500kb may be difficult to send as an attachment. There are different methods available which you can use to send big sized file without an email attachment. If you have your own domain, then you can easily transfer the file to your websites using file transfer service. File transfer service uses some protocols to transfer large sized file to your websites such as FTP or SCP.

If you have an instant messenger account to the same system then you can send large sized file easily. You can use both of these methods and these methods are better than the attachment methods. There is another method that makes use of a file transfer service. You upload the file via a Web site and a simple fill-in form. Once the file has been uploaded, the service sends an email message to your recipient, with a link on how to get the file. This is the most convenient and secures method to transfer large sized files easily from one place to another.

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