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My Co-Worker’s Concrete Driveway Resurfacing Project

My co-worker was telling me about the concrete driveway resurfacing project she had recently done to her drive. She was very pleased with the result and would never hesitate to do it again. She also praised the concrete company she used for the two day job. Her driveway was beginning to crack in several different areas and felt if she waited any longer the problem definitely would get worse. The concrete contractor advised her to fix the cracking now at a lower cost instead of fixing it when the situation was worse and the price was higher. She was glad to get the whole job finished and loved her new concrete driveway.

When I got home that evening, I took a few extra minutes to look at my driveway. It was showing major signs of wear and tear. So I decided to call the driveway company my friend used and set up an appointment. I was told to go to their website and select the type of driveway made of concrete I wanted for my house. I quickly found several styles of decorative concrete driveways I would love to have. I studied the photos and found two styles I knew would complement my home.

The day I met with the driveway company, I requested for the concrete driveway pricing to include both styles so I could compare them side by side. I knew I wanted a stained concrete driveway, but I wasnt sure if I also wanted it stamped. I asked the contractors opinion and he concluded a stamped driveway would bring the most appeal.

The first day of my driveway project was a very exciting one. I knew my driveway of concrete would be a large improvement to the value of my property. On the third and final day I was so happy with how smoothly the project went. My friends and neighbors agreed the stamped concrete driveway was beautiful.

My Co-Worker's Concrete Driveway Resurfacing Project by
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