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Types Of Pharmacies In Australia

Here in Australia, pharmacies can be broken down into multiple categories, each with its own distinct customers.

-Discount Chain Pharmacy. These chain stores are very common in major cities throughout Australia and offer the best value. However, pharmacists are there to prescribe medications as quick as possible without making mistakes and only perform minimal consultations. These are great for patients on regular medications or patients who want a cheap and quick place to get their prescription drugs.

-Independent Pharmacy. These are individual stores that are owner operated in smaller parts of the neighbourhood. Aside from prescriptions, the stores are generally much smaller and the product range is fairly limited. However, most pharmacists are friendly and will be happy to provide as much consultation as needed. You will also find that the pharmacist will most likely remember the regular patients.

-Compounding Pharmacy. These are stores are not very common and are considered specialist stores. As opposed to dispensing medication from pharmaceutical companies, compounding pharmacies compound their own formula based on experience and dispense specifically to the patients needs. Patients will specialised or rare illnesses will normally need to visit compounding pharmacies. Please note that while all pharmacies are required to have compounding equipment in the store, most will recommend that you visit a specialist compounding pharmacy instead.

-Online Pharmacy. These are normally discount chain pharmacies who also operate and sell their range of products online. However, please note that prescriptions will need to be posted to the pharmacy for processing.

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