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Online Marketing: First Impressions are Crucial

We should all be aware by now that first impressions are very important, especially when it comes to the business world. As with many other industries, this principle holds very true when it comes to online marketing.

In the same way that you judge a person within the first second of meeting them, whether consciously or not, web surfers judge a site in their first encounter. Users will be immediately attracted, or disengaged by a website depending on its aesthetic appearance, content, and relevancy to that specific user. The thing is, all websites are very aware of this fact; which is why most of them will find ways to discover information about each and every visitor they receive.

There are many factors that are known and analyzed by websites like and, the second you land on their homepage.

-Where you are
If you’ve ever heard of an IP then you are familiar with a website’s ability to determine where you are in the world. IP’s can allow sites to know which country and city you are operating from and thus target their advertisements to a specific country or region.

-What language you speak
Generally, people set their browsers in their native language because it is much easier to search in one’s mother tongue. Websites can know which language you chose for your internet browser and automatically change an ad banners language to fit it.

-What is popular in your country
Due to the fact that a site is able to determine a visitor’s location, it is able to know what advertisements will work best according to the most-purchased and popular products in that location. For example, let’s say a site is running a laptop campaign. For US visitors, it will probably show ads for MacBooks, while for Indian visitors, it may decide to show Dell or Acer laptop banners instead.

-Where you were before
Websites can know which sites you were checking out before landing on theirs. It is not a coincidence that after browsing through food recipe sites, for example, you’re bombarded by cooking tip ads in the next 2 or 3 sites you visit.

It is important for online marketers, such as Marimedia online, to keep these factors in mind when launching an ad campaign or simply optimizing their landing page. First impressions are everything.

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