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The Bathroom Sink

With one bathroom in a house of five the sink got used quite a bit in the Trader house. The girls would brush their hair over the sink and their teeth and the boys would brush their teeth and wash all the grime of their hands. It was basically an overused sink in the Trader home. Mr. Trader went to brush his teeth one morning and found out the sink was not draining at all. Frustrated that he had to go to work in ten minutes he called one of the plumbers in Riverside to come fix the problem. He told them he would be at work but Mrs. Trader would be there to show them where the bathroom was. They made an appointment for that day and Mr. Trader went off to work. One of the plumbers in Riverside showed up a little bit later and Mrs. Trader dealt with him. He had to do a process called hydro-jetting; the process of jetting high pressured water through the plumbing to empty the blockage into the sewage. The next morning when Mr. Trader turned on the water he was surprised the sink was like new again and the water went rushing down the drain.

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