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Laser Hair Removal System: Dealing With Pain

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Is laser hair removal dangerous? Does it hurt? Well I am really a freak when it comes to feeling any pain. And I’ve read on the no no hair removal reviews that laser hair removal can really be painful. So is this true for everyone?

I have a post about that on my website .Basically the pain felt varies from person to person depending on the threshold of pain. It just feels like someone snapping you really hard with a rubber band and a little burning at the same time. Then after treating each area they put this cooling lotion on and it feels like heaven and it stops hurting. Basically the pain felt is only during the treatment and no more after the session. You also have to wear special glasses to protect your eyes. The clinic may also advise you to shave all the hair off because if the laser catches that hair it tends to hurt a little more.

How Safe Are Laser Hair Removal Treatments

I was wondering if laser hair removal is safe. I found out from the no no hair removal reviews about some serious side effects I’ve also read that laser hair removal is not safe if done during your period. Is this true? I’m really interested in getting it done but I’m still 14 years old.

To be safe, try to schedule it after or before your period but not during your period. It is more painful during this time because of hormones. It is not dangerous as long as you go to someone qualified. You probably need to get parental consent for the treatments. Make sure you go to someone good. I did it once on my upper lip to get rid of my mustache.

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