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How Does RICE NESHAP Affect Stationary Engines?

How Does RICE NESHAP Affect Stationary Engines?

The new federal air quality mandate set to take effect in 2013 will affect nearly one million diesel powered stationary engines. Under the new mandate, any reciprocating internal combustion engine, many of which have not been regulated in the past, such as those that are used for emergency power plants and other types of non-moving diesel machinery will be subject to the new federal laws.

These new environmental protection and safety standards will include any diesel powered generators, compressors, pumping units and other machinery that are powered by stationary engines used in factories and on building sites. The new federal mandates are expected to be fully complied with by May 2013 for compression ignited engines and by October 2012 for gasoline and natural gas powered engines. These new mandates are putting forth stricter policies concerning the monitoring, testing, record-keeping and reporting of emission controls for all fuel powered equipment.

One of the problems with the new mandates is the scramble by industries to get all equipment that is either mobile or uses stationary engines. This attempt to retrofit all older models with modern sensors and operating controls is in some cases wreaking havoc on operating budgets, especially in businesses affected by the current economic slump. Plus there are also a seemingly limited number of companies that are qualified to undertake this massive surge of bringing machinery up to par. For machinery produced within the past ten years or so, there is little worry about their meeting the new standards, but with older equipment the process is proving to be slowing going and very costly. Fortunately there are more companies becoming qualified for the retrofitting process and new technology is helping to lower some of the costs of materials required to produce the necessary sensors, controls and filtering units needed to meet the new standards.

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