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Pros and Cons of the Sony BRAVIA KDL32BX330

The Sony BRAVIA KDL32BX330 HDTV is a new TV model that allows for gamers to connect their devices and enjoy the high resolution, clarity and sharpness of images while they play their video games. A notable feature of this model is that it can be connected to a PC or laptop. This is beneficial in that it enhances the display of the PC in a large and clear screen.

One of the things we liked about the KDL32BX330 is the fact that it is cheaper of the of the available Bravia series, allowing individuals with a tight budget to afford and enjoy its services. The offer of this model at an affordable price of $300 is a great advantage to those wishing to use it, in that it possesses almost similar specifications as the most expensive series. The sharp image offered by the model has no difference from that viewed from the other highly charged TV models.

Another beneficial aspect is that the model is manufactured with a very simple and easy to use interface. This allows the user to modify all its aspects to their desired range. The inclusion of wireless connectivity is yet the other considerable advantage that the model has.

However, the limitation of this model is that it does not integrate the 3D technology, which is one of the most coveted aspects of TV series by the movie viewers. Additionally, this TV is short on additional HDMI ports. This limits its connectivity to the separate devices, which would allow more diverse application of the product.

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