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English speakers shall never realize how difficult it is to learn a new language because most of the languages that such people learn have a strong root in Latin or European medieval languages. The moment one tries to learn an oriental language such as Japanese, things can become mighty difficult. Just as it is hard for an oriental speaker to master English in a months time, you too can find it hard to learn Japanese.

The best way to learn any language, be it Japanese or otherwise is to learn while on the move. Try not to segregate time from your already busy schedule to learn the language. Instead, download free Japanese instructional audio tracks onto your mobile phone or MP3 player and listen to it as you commute in the bus or drive your car to work and back. Even while making dinner listen to the chapters and repeat after the instructor in a clear and precise manner. Before you know it, you will be able to converse in Japanese!

Most people start learning Japanese only to realize how different it is and give up soon after. The trick to learning this language is communicating more with someone who speaks the language fluently. If you do not have friends who know this language then go online and make friends who shall aid you in your endeavor.

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