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Learning the Bass Guitar in Oberstdorf

Most people go to Oberstdorf for the skiing, or even the figure skating. Some go there because they want to hike some peaks in the German Alps, and conquer some mountains. One thing that most people don’t realize is that you can also learn how to play the bass guitar in Oberstdorf. That may sound crazy, but that’s just how life goes sometimes.

When I was staying in the Hotel Oberstdorf, I met a strange man who lived his life by his crampons. He was as intense of a mountaineer as you could imagine. He would be getting back from a 5 hour hike when I was just waking up. We got to talking, and we got to sharing a few pints of beer, and he revealed to me that he also teaches the bass guitar. He picked it up while he was staying in London a few decades back.

Now, I’ve never had the inclination to pick up the bass guitar, and I certainly had other things I wanted to do and experience in Oberstdorf, but some opportunities you just don’t turn down. To be able to study with and learn from this incredible and accomplished man, even if it was just about a bass guitar, was a chance I had to take.

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