Use a Yorkie Carrier

One of the best things about small dogs such as Yorkies is that you can bring them with you anywhere in a Yorkie carrier. It is important, however, when selecting one that you pick the right Yorkie carrier for you and your dog. The first thing to consider is what types of activities you plan to do with you your pet in its Yorkie carrier. If you plan to do a lot of traveling and carrying your dog onto planes, then it is very important to make certain that your Yorkie carrier is airline regulated. Most Yorkie carriers will be marked if they are approved for airline travel, however, you can find a list of requirements on most airline websites. If travel is not in your plans, then your options for a Yorkie carrier are much wider open. Soft sided Yorkie carriers are often best for the small dogs since they absorb a lot of the impact of bouncing, making it less stressful for your dog. Other options include backpack carriers and purse style Yorkie carriers. No matter which type of Yorkie carrier you select, as long as it is well ventiliated, your furry friend is certain to be happy just coming along for the ride.

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